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Professional Equipment
Skilled Personelle
Snow Removal When You Need It
Snow Removal When You Need It

365 Days a year,we
are thinking snow

When you need
bare pavement
When you need
bare pavement

Crescent has the winning combination of employees, equipment and dependability to serve your commercial business:

  • Full Service Commercial Snow Removal
  • Anti & De-icing Applications
  • On-Site Snow Stacking
  • Snow Relocation Off-Site
  • On-Site Bulk Snow Melting
  • Clearing Accumulated Snow from Truck Trailers

Before the Storm

Crescent will monitor your site for any slick conditions on parking areas and walkways.

During the Storm

Crescent will work during the storm to keep roadways, parking lots and walkways open and accessible by plowing, shoveling, and applying de-icing chemicals.

After the Storm

Crescent will continue to work on site until there is no snow or ice on the parking areas or walkways thus helping to prevent possible slips and falls.


Crescent's ability to manage its operations is through extensive monitoring, predicting and communicating winter weather events.

Each storm is unique and we tailor our response accordingly, resulting in our staff clearing your property in the most efficient manner.


There are three basic types of price programs, each designed to work with all objectives of every one of Crescent’s client. Listed below are these three types of price programs complete with a description of each.

Seasonal Contract

A seasonal contract provides a set cost for snow plowing and salting services performed during the winter season. This price option is tailored to the individual account requirements.

Per Time Contract

A per time contract provides a cost for all snow plowing, salting, and sidewalk services. The customer is billed only for work performed, and the amount of the invoice is determined by snow accumulation.

Hourly Rate Contract

A contracted snow removal agreement where in the charges are determined hourly by the services performed, time spent, and materials used. Total costs are calculated using a set hourly rate for each of the various types of equipment used, in that time, at the client’s location.